Vintage Oil Waxed Canvas One-shoulder Diagonal Bag

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Size Information:

Bag Size : 36cmx12cmx31cm| Shoulder Length: 136 cm

Weight: 1.95KG

Capacity: Pad Air 9.7 inches, 13-inch laptop, A4 magazine book, water bottle retractable umbrella.

Material: Vintage  Horse Leather+ Canvas

Made of retro horse leather and canvas, a more distinctive one. The canvas is waterproof and firm. The first layer cowhide is made of fine, natural first layer cowhide, which is dyed, oiled, and waxed to form a soft, elastic, and high-tension special leather effect; it is a kind of antique art effect fashion products are also the materials of choice for major furniture brands in the world. The surface shows the original scratches, welts, and mosquito bites. With use and contact with the air or rubbing back and forth, the surface of the cowhide will become more and more shiny, and the scratches will gradually disappear over time.

The unique natural texture of the leather itself is full of breath of life. It is changed by contact with sunlight, temperature, air, user habits, regular use, and the grease of the leather will gradually volatilize. The bag will show different changes. The effect · also records the bit by bit that everyone has experienced in life · these unique traces that come with time · confirms the endless fun brought by the lifestyle.