Military X Sweatshirts Combination Pants

$165.00 $199.00


Size chart

Size(cm) Pants length Waist Thigh Hips
M 96 78 58 112
L 97  82  60  116 
XL 98  86  62  120 

Staff Wearing
Height: 182 cm Weight: 60 kg;  Fitting size: L

Description of item
Sweat pants with ribbed hem are basic, and the other half are combined with military work style.

Product Details
Material: 100% cotton
Features: Combination design
Related categories: Bottoms / Sweatpants
Gender type: Men

The multi-pocket with flap, which is highly practical, is of course the basis of military work pants, so it is indispensable for this item as well. Combining the sporty feel of sweatpants with the masculinity of the military, it creates an active impression. Since there is a rib on the hem, the squeeze type and tapered silhouette are neat and beautiful lines. The stitch line from the waist to the hem makes the legs look longer, improving the three-dimensional effect.

Please note: The ribs on the hem are used and washed, which may result in pilling. Please note.

Care: Can be washed with water
Fabric thickness: standard
Silhouette: Standard
Translucency: None
Elasticity: Slightly present
Gloss: None
Lining: None